Swap Fair, Computers & Electronics
Recycling Event


Columbus Avenue
106th-110th Streets
Saturday June 9, 2018

Tar Beach Event Space
Bring Your Unneeded or Unwanted Household and Electronics Items

Recycle: Desktop Computers, Laptops, Power Supplies, Tivo's, Tablets, iPod's, Phones, Cameras, Portable Electronics, Cables and Accessories

Please note: No CRT TVs, CRT monitors or printers will be accepted at this event.

Swap: Art, Books,Toys, Games, Software, LP's, DVD's, CD's, Tools, Portable Electronics, Cookware and Small Working Appliances

Please make all items clean and presentable. No furniture or large items. Items not traded will be donated to local churches and charities.

For additional information: (347) 690-5670